Colon Cancer: Sign, Symptoms And Treatment

 Colon Cancer: Sign, Symptoms and Treatment

Colon Cancer: Sign, Symptoms and Treatment

  1. What is colon cancer?

Colon Cancer is cancer of rectum and the treatment of this cancer is surgery in early stages of cancer and the type depends on the stage of cancer. There are generally four stages of this cancer. In US, this cancer is third most common and when there is growth of tumour in large intestine, this cancer occurs.

  1. Symptoms of Colon Cancer:

Symptoms of colon cancer include:

Abdomen pain and irregular bowl habits,

Rectal bleeding

Weakness and weight loss

Generally these symptoms do not come at initial stage but a common one was gastric problem.

  1. How to deal with colon cancer?

A healthy lifestyle and diet is recommended at this time like eating proper and good food, eating fibre both low and fat.

Colorectal Surgery Houston depends on severity of colon cancer and it depends upon location and size of it to check how major it has spread in body.  Before the surgery of this cancer, you will be put on a special diet as directed to you by the doctor.

  1. Treatment and surgery of Colon Cancer Surgery Houston:

Treatment and surgery of Colon Cancer Surgery Houston includes invasive procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies. Treatment also depends on the health status and age and stage at which the cancer is at and it vary from person to person

You should look for the best surgeons for  Surgery for Colon Cancer Houston. You should approach experienced person for evaluation and diagnosis of this disease related to colon and rectum. Right treatment at right time is the necessity so you should look for the experienced doctors.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Surgery for Colon Cancer Houston.



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